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Are You Making These Holiday Marketing Mistakes?
As most marketers believe that the New Year is the right time to make a fresh start, it is quite common for businesses to freeze their marketing efforts during the holiday season. Little do they... read more
4 Ways to Add Holiday Spirit to Your Brand
A recent study by eMarketer suggested that the U.S. retail sales for this years holiday season might reach up to 5.6 percent from 3.2 percent last year. This shows that the coming season may bring... read more
4 Strategies to Build an Impressive Global Brand
In todays highly competitive environment, creating a global brand is one of the greatest challenges for businesses. Not only does it require persistent efforts to build a powerful first impression,... read more
Here is How You Can Brand Your Freelance Business
There is literally an ocean of freelancers out there. To get noticed and allow people to remember you and the type of work you do, some serious branding would be required. A Branding is what... read more
3 Ways to Develop a Strong Marketing Communication Strategy
Marketing communications is one of the crucial business functions that allow you to stay relevant and responsive to the needs of your business as well as your target audience. Not only does it help... read more
3 Tips for Making Your Logo Stand Out
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-designed logo can be worth much more for a business. Today, it is amongst the most powerful tools that represent your company and makes it memorable for... read more
3 Tips for Creating a Social Media Friendly Logo
By growing beyond marketing collaterals, business cards, and signage, logos have over time adopted a more comprehensive role than ever before. Businesses now value their logos as the face of their... read more
3 Reasons Why You Should Embed a Logo in Your QR Code
QR code is whats lately buzzing in the marketing world. With the increased use of smart phones, marketers are now resorting to QR codes to give smartphone users direct access to their products and... read more
A Bad Logo Is Like a Slow Poison for Your Business
For businesses, logos are a primary tool for marketing and image-building campaigns. As the face of your business, a logo allows customers to recognize and remember your brand among the competition.... read more
Eminent Qualities of a Great Logo
If you are mulling over the importance of logos, then the simplest explanation in this regard would be: logos give your business idea a visual identity. Be it through images, icons, symbols or marks,... read more
Key Criteria to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Logo Designing Company
It is immensely important for small business owners to not consider their new venture as small or unimportant. Many small businesses tend to forget the importance of a proposition as risky as a... read more
The 3 Most Iconic Logos That Are Brand-Less!
We are bombarded with logos and icons every single day of our lives. Some of them are recognizable and striking, while others are ambiguous and indistinct. Logos, like the famous bitten apple and the... read more
The Mark of Success: Famous Logos That Did Not Cost a Fortune
Business logos are concrete depictions of a brand pledge. As a business logo gains acknowledgment and recognition in the market, customers play their role boosting their value. This is probably why... read more
Symbolism in Corporate Logo Design Construction
Among all the other elements that the logo designers incorporate in a unique catchy logo design is symbolism. An ideal logo should define a business identity and represent its vision at a glance. A... read more
When is the Right Time to Get Your Company’s Logo Repaired?
Many valuable brands all around the world have utilized logo redesigning and repairing services over time in order to keep their logo designs up to date. Brands like Yahoo, Coca Cola, KFC, Shell,... read more
Showcasing Typography in Corporate Logos
One of the latest trends in corporate logo design is the incorporation of typography. A typography typeface can either make a logo design or break it. There is no middle ground. It is either really... read more
Changing Logos: Five Companies that Revolutionized their Brand Image
Businesses expand, shrink and change over the passage of time. Since a business logo is the representative of its dynamics, when the business changes and travels through time, the logo needs to be... read more
What New Business Owners Need to Know About Branding
One important aspect of planning a startup that is overlooked quite often is the development of a brand. Branding is not merely the name of your company; it is a lot more. Good branding does not just... read more
How Does Your Brand Affect Your Business?
Branding is a significant aspect of business. It is the visible side of your business that you need to glorify in order to represent your services, products, purpose and aim. A business should... read more
Checklist for Business Success: Business Logo 101
Business owners, who are either thinking of getting a logo designed for their company or are planning to get their existing logos redesigned, need to formulate a checklist in order to make sure that... read more
Corporate Logo and Construction of a Business' Future
Any business or corporation that wishes to set up a brand image and identity requires a creative corporate logo design. Corporate logos play a vital role in the establishment of a companys public... read more
5 Steps to Building Your Brand
Branding is basically the procedure or process of telling people what your company is about and what you do. Branding is about telling them about your name, design, symbols and your core identity.... read more
Business Logo: Why It Matters More Than You Think
Every business needs proper branding so as to be successful in their specific industry. This is exactly why a business logo is considered to be so important. A business is not considered for itself... read more
Should You Go for a Cartoon Logo for Your Brand?
Cartoon logos are definitely not for everyone, or every business. Some businesses need to create a sophisticated image and that is their business requirement but these days, a lot of companies are... read more
Making the first impression with your business logo
Humans have a tendency of judging things based on their looks. Often times, we form judgments on people when we first meet them depending on their appearance. While the first impression may... read more
Traits of Great Logo
Trait # 1 - Brand Personality Your logo needs to be in sync with your brand values and should be capable of connecting with your target audience. Trait # 2 - Simplicity Streamline your... read more
Creating The Best First Impression For Your Brand
When you think of brands, the first impression may just be the last. With hundreds of brands already out there, if you dont make your mark on the first attempt, youve just lost Round 1. The... read more
Behind Every Great Logo, There's An Even Better Story: What's Yours?
What are the signs of a great logo? It inspires. It distinguishes. It expresses. More importantly, it is testament of a great story. When we take a look at renowned companies today, we... read more
An Ordinary Business Needs An Extraordinary Logo
One of the biggest misconceptions harbored by businessmen is the idea that your practical or B2B business doesnt quite need a logo to wow. Insurance brokerage firms, manufacturing units and financial... read more
What Your Logo Designer Needs To Know
Whats the difference between a good custom logo design service and a great one? Simple: A good logo designer will ask little to no questions. You call them up, tell them the name of your... read more
What's Your Color?
Logos tend to influence us at a very early age. A study conducted by the University of Amsterdam concluded that we begin to connect brand logos to products at an age as early at 2-3 years! It is by... read more
Brands Die...It's Logos That Live On... Traits Of Great Logos
Brands come and go, but logos stick around forever, like a constant reminder of the business they represented. Hence, we accurately conclude that they are undoubtedly the very foundation of your... read more


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