The Mark of Success: Famous Logos That Did Not Cost a Fortune

Business logos are concrete depictions of a brand pledge. As a business logo gains acknowledgment and recognition in the market, customers play their role boosting their value. This is probably why they deem brand identity protection so important. It is not the mere design that is valuable. The idea that the design stands for that also has a special significance.

A business logo does not have to cost a lot to be unique and bold. Many of the most well known brands in the world initially had logo designs that didn’t cost a fortune. Today, not only are they worth billions of dollars, but they have become part of our everyday lives as well.


Expensive Logos Do Not Make Valuable Brands


Most people do not know this but some of the world’s leading brands have logo designs that are the least expensive in the corporate world. Following are a few household brands with corporate logos that did not cost a lot:


1. Google


The Google logo is probably the best example of a logo that did not cost a lot and represents an international brand that has a worth of  $158.8 billion and is counted as one of the most valuable international brands. Even though, slight alterations have been made to the Google logo with the passage of time, it was originally designed in the year 1998 by a Google co-founder named Sergey Brin.


This original first version of the Google logo was made using the GIMP software that is completely free to use. The total cost of the initial logo design was $0.


2. Coca-Cola


Another great example of legendary logos that are a household necessity is the Coca-Cola logo.  Great In 1886, when John Pemberton came up with the idea for a classic fizzy drink and created an amazing formula. His bookkeeper and business partner named Frank Robinson proposed the name Coca-Cola. His belief was that two Cs together will look great in advertisements.


The original logo for Coca-Cola was designed using a style recognized as the Spencerian script. This penmanship design was very popular during those days. This first version of the Coca-Cola logo was created for $0. The current value of Coca-Cola brand is $80.7 billion and it is also counted as one of the most famous international brands.


3. Nike


Almost everyone is familiar with the Nike Swoosh. Previously, the swoosh used to have the brand name along with it. As it gained immense worldwide popularity and the swoosh became the symbol of the brand, even after the name of the brand stopped appearing with it, people still knew what it stood for.


The Nike logo was originally created in the year 1975 by a student, Carolyn Davidson who was studying design at that time for only $35.


All the three logos have been updated and amended over time but their original logo design still remains unharmed.


These examples are a proof of the fact that valuable brands don’t need an enormous investment in logo design. Never make the mistake of getting your logo designed by a company that merely charges a fortune. Instead, go for corporate logo design companies that create designs that make a statement by helping you stand out among your competitors in the market.


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