Showcasing Typography in Corporate Logos

One of the latest trends in corporate logo design is the incorporation of typography. A typography typeface can either make a logo design or break it. There is no middle ground. It is either really good or really bad. This definitely does not mean that one should let the doubt of failure prevent them from trying this trend. The key to succeed with it is to be careful. Anything can be a disaster if not utilized correctly.  

In typography, typeface is basically the set of fonts. Each font style is created out of glyphs that have similar design features. Every font in a typeface has a particular size, weight, width, style, italicization, ornamentation, condensation slant, and foundry or designer. Logo designers who are experts in typographic logos are well versed in all the different aspects of a typeface which helps them in choosing the correct one to represent a specific enterprise.


It can be quite challenging for logo designers to choose the correct typeface for a business since there are millions of options available out there. However, font choices should never be overlooked because they are as important as the logo design or symbol.


Making a typeface choice is more like choosing an outfit for a particular event or place. You need to make sure that it fits the requirements of that particular event, gathering or social setting. Most people do not pay heed to the choice of lettering but what they do not know is that lettering, just like symbols can be very expressive if the typeface chosen is appropriate and not awkward. The choice you make can either convey the incorrect message or the ideal message.


We all know that there are certain needs that you need to fulfill when you are dressing up for a place. If you are planning to hit the gym you will probably wear yoga pants and you certainly won’t wear yoga pants to a wedding or a party just like you would not wear a floral dress if you are going to the gym or the pool. Similarly, you don’t want to select a typeface that does not go with the temperament and nature of your business. This is because typography typeface really plays a huge role in communicating the theme that a business focuses on.


There are few things a logo designer should keep in mind when they are trying to choose the correct typeface to fit their business logo.


  1. What type of business are you designing the logo for?
  2. What ideas, goals and impressions do you want this logo to be able to communicate?
  3. What sort of theme do you want your business logo to convey?
  4. Does the typeface you have selected for your business logo go well with the rest of the design?


Let your logo designing company know what you are expecting from them. Be vocal. Most logo design companies like to know what their clients want from them. The more they understand your business, the better logo design they will be able to make for you.

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