A Bad Logo Is Like a Slow Poison for Your Business

For businesses, logos are a primary tool for marketing and image-building campaigns. As the face of your business, a logo allows customers to recognize and remember your brand among the competition. However, a poor logo is not capable of providing business owners with the above stated benefits. Your corporate logo must be unique, alluring and effective. If it’s not striking, it won’t be able to grab the desired attention.


What if you poorly invest in a mediocre logo designer to design a corporate logo? It will result in a BAD ogo for your business proving to be detrimental, especially if you are a startup. Read below to find out how and why a bad logo is like a slow poison for your new business:


1.Distortion of Your Business Image


Above all, a bad logo misrepresents your business and its corporate values by playing a crucial role in destroying your brand image. If your target audience fails to pick the message your logo is trying to convey, or misinterpret for worse, then all your marketing efforts will result in a total disaster. Once a brand image gets tarnished, it may take years to rebuild and restructure it.


2.A Bad Logo May Potentially Hurt the Sentiments of your target market


Ordinarily, a bad logo may be created if the designers fail to pay adequate attention to the feelings and emotions of the target audience. A classic example of this is when a bad logo unintentionally promotes racism, makes fun of a certain minority group or shows hatred against a country. Such mistakes can result in appalling consequences for even the most established and renowned brands.


3.A Bad Logo can Cost Your Business More than Your Imagination!


Many new businesses and start-ups prefer getting their logos designed from green, amateur artists who have no experience of designing corporate logos merely to save their business costs. Eventually, they realize that the logo isn’t serving its purpose primarily because it’s unprofessional and unattractive. This is when they find the need to get it re-designed or opt for a brand new one. This proves to be even more expensive for businesses and they end up paying more than they would have by hiring a professional logo design company in the first place.


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