An Ordinary Business Needs An Extraordinary Logo

One of the biggest misconceptions harbored by businessmen is the idea that your practical or B2B business doesn’t quite need a logo to “wow”. Insurance brokerage firms, manufacturing units and financial institutions alike, have customers. And while the nature of customers is different in a functional business, the ultimate goal is to sell. Sell your image. Sell your products. And branding is just as essential. This is why, your “ordinary” business needs an extraordinary logo. Here’s how you can achieve that:


1.Keep It Simple, Timeless


Because your customers may be mainly other businesses or non-commercial customers, you need to take a slightly different approach to your logo design. We at Logo Nerds understand the significance and the change in tone that is required. Some of the killer small business logo designs are ones that have the least amount of moving pieces. Translation: It simply means lesser shapes that compose the logo. We can relate to simple logos more easily because it is relatively easier for us to understand and process them. And overtime, the uncomplicated state doesn’t fade away in a fad.


2.Make it Meaningful


What does the logo signify? For businesses, you’re not just selling your product and service. You’re selling a promise, and your logo needs to translate that in an exceptional graphic representation. What are your company’s values? Do you promise reliable and durable products? That may be your core identity, but does your customer know that? Why not promote that as a theme in your logo! Make it a culture from then on. Whatever the logo, it should encompass what your company is all about.


3. Refrain from DIY Logo Design Projects: ALWAYS Hire Professionals


One of the biggest failures in any business is having their marketing materials and logos designed internally by the new recruit with little or no knowledge of art or marketing. Just because the individual has a flair for graphic designing, does not mean he has an understanding and insight into logo design.  Logo development is both an art and a science, and graphic designing is just a part of it. There are many other aspects that need to be taken into consideration, like the right dimensions, color flexibility of the logo, the moving element, its significance, how it positions your brand, the color choice, and so much more!


Logo design is a crucial part for any business – be it a B2C business, or a B2B. Get in touch with your online logo designer to begin making that extraordinary logo that will give an edge to your business. We’ve worked with all kinds of industries. Check out our portfolio.


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