Eminent Qualities of a Great Logo

If you are mulling over the importance of logos, then the simplest explanation in this regard would be: logos give your business idea a visual identity. Be it through images, icons, symbols or marks, logos are a great way to provide an authentic recognition to your company’s products and services so that viewers instantly connect with your brand as they see it.


With so many logos around us, it is easier to decipher between the great and not-so-great ones. What is it that makes the difference? What makes a logo unique? Read on to find out the eminent qualities of a great logo:




The core quality of a great logo is that it is simple and easily recognizable. Companies that have a simple logo attract customers and make them instantly recognize and remember the brand. Overdone and complicated logos fail to engage customers and are difficult to reproduce and maintain.


An archetypal example would be the logo of the cosmetic giant, CHANEL. This logo was designed in 1925 by Coco Chanel herself. Comprising of two interlocked and opposite-facing Cs that formed her initials, the logo is one of the simplest, influential, iconic and recognizable logos all around the world that has remained unaltered since its inception. The black color of the symbol is specifically utilized to reflect elegance, elitism and excellence.




In order to stand out from the competition, it is essential to set yourself apart instead of getting lost in the crowd. Great logos manage to find a way to stay distinct amongst competition. If your logo is not distinct, your customers and potential clients will have a hard time recognizing your brand, with greater chances of confusing you with another company. The global leader of the beverage industry, Coca Cola has one of the most distinctive logos in the world. The white swirl of the logo defines passion and zeal of the youth, while the colors red and white have their own uniqueness making it appealing in the eyes of youngsters.




An effective logo must be appropriate, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be obvious. McDonald’s for instance could have opted for a juicy beef burger with French fries for its logo; but it decided to take the first letter ‘M’ which is simplistically designed and appealing to eyes as an asymmetrical element. On the other hand, Burger King uses a hamburger in its design. Regardless of which brand’s example you follow, make sure that your logo is appropriate and suitable to your offering.


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