Are You Making These Holiday Marketing Mistakes?

As most marketers believe that the New Year is the right time to make a fresh start, it is quite common for businesses to freeze their marketing efforts during the holiday season. Little do they know, however, just how much opportunities they might lose by not connecting with their potential clients during the festive occasion.


The holiday season not only brings opportunities to reconnect with your customers, but may also help businesses boost revenue and customer loyalty to create possibilities for future sales.


If you are a business manager, check out these seven marketing mistakes that you should strictly avoid during the holidays.


Not Creating a Dedicated Holiday Marketing Plan


In the absence of a dedicated marketing plan, your holiday marketing campaign may quickly turn into a failure. In order to avoid this, make sure that you have a complete holiday marketing campaign prepared at least two to three months from the season. You must take some time to set goals, determine the budget, plan tactics, create promotional offers, and define the roles for everyone in your team.


With a well-planned campaign, you can run your holiday marketing campaign more efficiently as well as know the exact outcomes of your efforts.


Sending Poor Greeting Cards


Sending greeting cards can be a great way to connect with your customers. However, if it’s done wrong, it may significantly affect the image of your brand. Poorly designed cards not only look impersonal and fake, but also communicate recklessness and weakness in your brand.


In order to avoid this, it is always better to go for a simple and clean design that is consistent with your own unique image. Moreover, your card should contain a personalized message to show care and make your customers feel connected with what your brand stands for.


Not Giving a Holiday Theme to Your Brand


You have probably seen e-Bay, Google, and other large companies do this. On each special event or festival, these companies give a themed facelift to their logos to reflect the event.


With a festive logo, not only can you show that you are up to date, but may also connect with your audience in a more effective way. If your customers can identify themselves with your brand, they are more likely to choose you over others. It may help build a better relationship with customers as well as open up greater possibilities for future growth and success.


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