Creating The Best First Impression For Your Brand

When you think of brands, the first impression may just be the last. With hundreds of brands already out there, if you don’t make your mark on the first attempt, you’ve just lost Round 1. The unfortunate truth is that there may not be a Round 2. This is where your marketing material, along with your logo, comes in. As a significant determinant of your credibility, and a testament of your stability, you need the best designed logo to kick-start your company branding. Wondering how to begin? We’ve got that covered.



1.It All Begins With A Professional Logo Design


Every story has a great title. It provides you with a visual idea of what to expect. Your company logo works in a similar way. It is the starting point; the foundation that paves the way for the complete branding process. While some companies resort to getting their logo designed internally, that may not be a wise decision. For one, your logo needs to be innovative, flexible, and best reflect your company’s values and mission. Amateur designers may fail to accurately depict that.


2.Go For A Catchy Tag Line


Everybody loves slogans. It’s that one simple phrase that just sticks! If you want to embed your brand in the minds of your consumers, your next action plan after a logo should be thinking up a great tagline. For some companies, a slogan means a humorous play on the services provided; for others, it’s a testament of their values. It is their way of earning trust of the customers. Whatever your slogan, just make sure it’s memorable and captures the true essence of what customers expect of your brand.


3.Keep It Consistent


We cannot emphasize how important it is for companies to provide a constant image that is consistent across the board. If “Innovation with Passion” is your slogan, then it will stay the same on every marketing material you print. Not only is this limited to the wordings, but the font, color palette, size, positioning, etc – we mean EVERYTHING!


4.Hire Professionals


If you want the best, don’t compromise on quality. Hire the best there is out there. As one of the top logo design companies out there, Logo Nerds is your source for the logo that will give your company a face that will make a great first impression. In addition, we also provide services such as website designing, flyer design, poster, Facebook page, etc! For more, visit us right here.


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