Should You Go for a Cartoon Logo for Your Brand?

Cartoon logos are definitely not for everyone, or every business. Some businesses need to create a sophisticated image and that is their business’ requirement but these days, a lot of companies are choosing to go for cartoon character or mascot business logos. This usually happens when businesses are trying to present unorthodox concepts or when they are only targeting a certain group of people.

Character logos generally have an extra benefit of them being adjustable to different situations. The characters used in the logo can be brought to life and be used at different exhibitions, marketing events and product displays to better illustrate all the services that the business offers to its clients.

Cartoon and mascot logos additionally have the benefit of being very popular on incentive materials such as t shirts and mugs. Cartoon and mascot logos are also very popular when it comes to bars, nightclubs and restaurants especially the ones that cater younger people. Not only this, but cartoon and mascot logos attract the attention of younger children as well. Besides that mascot logos are famous with sports teams too.

Should you use a cartoon or mascot logo for your brand?

The first thing that you should think about is whether or not your services and products match the persona of a cartoon character or mascot or not. The second thing that you should consider is the type of customers you are trying to attract. If you are trying to focus on corporate businessmen then a mascot logo is not the thing for your business. However if your business focuses more on the general public then mascots will boost your business for sure.

Brands like McDonald’s, Little Caesar Pizza, Cheetos Crunch, Planters Peanuts have all made their way to the top by using catchy cartoon and mascot logos that are equally loved by people all around the world.

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