The 3 Most Iconic Logos That Are Brand-Less!

We are bombarded with logos and icons every single day of our lives. Some of them are recognizable and striking, while others are ambiguous and indistinct. Logos, like the famous bitten apple and the ‘swoosh’ instantly remind us of Apple and Nike because they are deeply ingrained in our sub-conscious mind as a result of extensive marketing and advertising.

However, there are some logos that do not belong to any corporate giants, but are still universally recognized. In fact, many different brands and establishments use these logos to add value through association. Find out below about these brand-less logos!


The Red Cross Logo


Whenever you see a red cross, it reminds you of humanitarianism and medicine. Ordinarily, this sign is placed on ambulances, buildings, first aid boxes, worn by medical personnel or other people who work in the medical industry. Generally, the Red Cross symbol is associated with the insignia of medicine. If we go back to its history, the symbol is defined as a protection symbol in Article 7 of the 1864 Geneva Convention and Article 38 of 1949 Geneva Convention. However, according to an unofficial agreement that took place between the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, any Red Cross shape with a white background should be recognized as a symbol for protection in conflict.


The Wi-Fi Logo


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that wherever one sees the Wi-Fi logo, their eyes light up. This is certainly the most popular logo of the 21st century. However, the logo was originally meant to be placed on products that conformed to the standards of wireless internet. Belonging to the Wi-Fi Alliance (1999), the logo is a stroke of luck for travelers and internet enthusiasts and is represents internet availability all around the world.


The Recycle Logo


During the 70s, a large producer of recycled paperboard sponsored an art competition to raise awareness of environmental issues where students from high schools and colleges all around the United States participated. Gary Anderson, a 23-year old student of University of Southern California won this competition. His design consisted of mutual chasing arrows, forming a mobius strip. Today, this internationally recognized symbol signifies recyclable material and is known one of the most important design icons in the U.S.


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