Changing Logos: Five Companies that Revolutionized their Brand Image

Businesses expand, shrink and change over the passage of time. Since a business logo is the representative of its dynamics, when the business changes and travels through time, the logo needs to be redesigned and repaired as well.

Many companies are reluctant when it comes to changing their logo designs because they are scared of the risks associated with it. If a logo is redesigned carefully and effectively, it can actually allow an enterprise to flourish.


If you look at the history of business logos, you will see that many valuable brands kept changing their business logos after every few years in order to make sure that they conformed to industry standards of the current market. Not only did this let them build their brand in a better way but it also enabled them to create a better image of their brand in the market among consumers. Following are some of the brands that have done a great job constantly repairing their business logos and kept revolutionizing their brand image:


1. Shell


Shell is one of the most famous international gas station brands. It was introduced in the market in the year 1900 and the logo was a black clamshell. The black clamshell went through changes to reach the state in which it is today. The current Shell gas station logo is a yellow and red trendy looking shell. It is not accompanied by the brand name anymore as the symbol itself stands for the brand.


2. Microsoft


Back in the year 1992, the logo for Windows was a four paned window with a regular black frame that used to break into pointed tails on a side just like a meteor. It was changed in the year 2001 when Windows XP was released. It was redesigned to a sleek looking floating window with four panes and no frame and then later to four blue window panes.


3. Nike


Nike has always been using its signature swoosh symbol as its logo but it has been redesigned several times. The curved line that is thicker at one end and thinner at the other used to be accompanied by the brand name previously, but now the Nike swoosh stands on its own since it is so distinctive now.


4. Mozilla Firefox


This search engine’s original logo depicted a phoenix with wings outspread to match the program’s original name: Phoenix. For legal reasons, the name was changed to Firefox and the logo redrawn as a fiery fox and globe so unique, no words are necessary.


5. Pepsi


The first original logo of Pepsi was simple red script placed on white background. The first symbolic logo of a circular blue, red and white logo was introduced by Pepsi on the bottle caps in the year 1950. Later in the year 1962, they replaced the red script with bold and neat black lettering. They also changed the bottle cap design to a circle with colorful stripes in red, blue and white in the year 1972. Today in 2015, the circular redesigned striped symbol stands on its own as the legendary brand logo of Pepsi Co.  


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