5 Steps to Building Your Brand

Branding is basically the procedure or process of telling people what your company is about and what you do. Branding is about telling them about your name, design, symbols and your core identity. The process of branding is very important because it is a way of showing the public your company’s distinct features. It basically aids in creating your distinct identity among all the other companies present in the similar field.


When a brand is successfully established, it becomes easier for them to deliver their message to their target consumers. It also helps in boosting their credibility because more and more people will be willing to give their services or products a try. Branding is obviously very important if an enterprise wants to grow and nurture. All enterprises have their own brands and while all of them want to be on the top, some are less prominent while others become a household name/phenomenon.


Steps to Building a Brand


1. Clarify your branding benefits.


One of the major advantages of branding is that it helps you in clarifying your business’ value proposition, which stands for what your customers are capable of doing because of what you are providing them. Another benefit is that it assists you in clarifying your market niche, which basically is the division of customers that you are planning to serve. It also helps in augmenting business recognition with possible clients. Besides this, branding raises the costs that you can charge as effectual branding is all about posing yourself as the expert and the leader in a specific market niche.


2. The Name


The name of your business has actually a lot to do with branding. Choose a name that tells the public what you do in a creative way. For instance, if your business is related to wall clocks, pick a name that tells the customer instantly that you deal in wall clocks. This name can be linked to something related to time or clocks as that is already halfway for them to understand what your business is about exactly.


3. The Design


Branding also includes design. The visual charisma of your business’ site is vital in tempting potential customers. Nevertheless, this is not merely relevant to the color schemes used but is also related to the functioning of all the hyperlinks present on the website. Make sure that all the photos and images on your website are loading properly. Try visiting your business’ site as a customer would and if you find something that has a problem, try to fix it instantly.


4. The Logo


A business logo is a very influential way of branding. Think of brands like Apple, Ferrari and Nike. Even when the logo does not spell out the business’ name for the people, they instantly recognize what it represents. Try using logos as profile photos for social media accounts or in the form of thumbnail images elsewhere. Logos help a business in reinforcing their brand beyond imagination; given that you construct a simple yet meaningful symbol to which you give adequate exposure.


5. The Slogan


Slogans are very helpful in branding. Think about "Just do it" or "Connecting People", the catchier and more creative the phrase, the more attention it receives. Even though it is not an easy task to put everything about your business in a nutshell of a few words, it is not impossible either. It will take some time and you will need to invest extra effort into it.


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