Brands Die...It's Logos That Live On... Traits Of Great Logos

Brands come and go, but logos stick around forever, like a constant reminder of the business they represented. Hence, we accurately conclude that they are undoubtedly the very foundation of your company branding. They have the ability to inspire a sense of loyalty - developing the ethos the company stands for. Your logo is the face of your brand!


However, this is only possible if you’ve taken on professional logo design to create that great logo. Wondering what makes a great logo? Don’t worry. has got you covered!


1.They Narrate A Story


The older, more established brands have a rich and eminent history that is the pride of their establishment. Just because your company has just been developed doesn’t mean you can’t have your share of history! How did your brand come about to be? What is its purpose? What’s the story of the founder? Remember, every brand has a story. What is yours?


2.They Are A Mirror Reflection Of Your Brand Personality

That’s right. Your brand has a personality. It is a living breathing entity that reaches and engages your people and your customers. Is it synonymous and in sync with your brand values and characteristics? For instance, if your company is viewed as a reliable unit for its services and products, does your logo reflect that reliability? On the other hand, for homecare services, you may need to convey a caring personality. Your logo needs to be designed accordingly to be an accurate representation of your individuality.


3. It Should Evoke A Positive Emotion


Appeal to my brain, and I’ll remember you for a year; appeal to my emotions, and I’ll never forget you. A simple quote that speaks volumes. As humans, we tend to remember aspects of our lives where we were at our emotional high. Your logo needs to connect on an emotional level! It should talk to your customers without actually speaking a word. Before combining generic and random images and typefaces together, think about the “deeper meaning”, and how this will impact the customers.


4.It Is Timeless


About 10-20 years down the road, will this design still be relevant? Truthfully, it’s hard to say. Over time, trends, preferences, and tastes change. Will the shadowy effect with sleek lines still work later? This is the reason why your logo designer will tell you that simplistic designs work the best. It is exquisite in its own way. A timeless piece of art is also unique.


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