Symbolism in Corporate Logo Design Construction

Among all the other elements that the logo designers incorporate in a unique catchy logo design is symbolism. An ideal logo should define a business’ identity and represent its vision at a glance. A business’ true identity basically comprises of two things. The first thing being what the business really is and the second how that particular business is to be perceived by consumers.

A corporate logo that is executed perfectly is one that acts as a symbol for the business it represents. Designing and recognizing what symbol will give a logo branding power that helps in defining business goals is a challenging task though. It does not merely consist of designing; a lot of contemplation and brainstorming precedes it.


A symbol is generally an arrangement of graphical elements that signify an abstract concept and a story.. The famous 20th century critic and theorist Kenneth Burke explains humans as being “symbol-using, symbol making, and symbol misusing animal” We are symbolic beings. Every gesture of ours is basically a symbol that helps us in expressing our feelings which is why we, as humans feel so connected to symbols. Using a symbol correctly in a business logo can help a business in progressing. Misrepresentation however, can cause disasters.


Effects of Symbols in Logos


Today, businesses usually get recognized for how they choose to represent themselves rather than for who they actually are. Usage of symbols is not a new concept after all. Some people choose to assume that a logo is just a symbol. The fact is, it is not as simple as it seems. A corporate logo is designed to make a statement by incorporating pre-existing symbols, so it can’t just be a combination of any symbols that may seem related. It has to be a relevant amalgamation of creative symbols that can become a visual representation of a company’s identity. The Playboy bunny is known globally for its raunchy yet adorable symbolism. The same goes for Apple’s bitten apple which not only stands for the company but also for reliability, technology and trust.


If the right symbols are integrated together, they can form business logos that can make the most of unconscious human desire levels. The correct kind of incorporation creates a poised association between an enterprise and how it would like to represent itself.


Do Symbols Have an Influence on Branding?


Branding is considered significant for businesses for contemporary human business experience. Not only does it allow people to organize, classify and identify brands, products and businesses in a better manner but it also lets us represent ourselves in a way we want to so as to make our businesses stand out. However, if they are not strong enough, they are not going to stand out. They should also be bold and memorable so that they stick in people’s memories and enables them to recognize them later. The connections people make through symbols is vital in how they ultimately categorize brands. We may not know what Nike’s logo designer was thinking when he incorporated the swoosh symbol into the logo but it certainly leaves an indelible impression.


If you see this through the psychoanalytical perspective, creation of brands in a way is connected to the understanding of human interactions, communications and expressions through symbols. Many valuable brands understand the significance of symbols and have used them in their business logos. Businesses like Domino’s, Ferrari, Olympics, Channel, Yahoo etc. have simple symbols as their business logos. They are so bold and expressive that they are not only easy for one to recognize, but also to remember as well.


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