What Your Logo Designer Needs To Know

What’s the difference between a good custom logo design service and a great one? Simple:


A good logo designer will ask little to no questions. You call them up, tell them the name of your brand, and that’s all. No further communication; no information traded. A week later, you’ve received a design that, while good in itself, just doesn’t click with your brand image.


Moving on to the great ones. They want to know about your brand! Because they understand the most vital piece of insight: that your brand is a testament of your promise. It tells your story! This is why we go deeper into understanding what you’re about. Here is what a logo designer needs to know to bring out the best manifestation of your brand.


The Inspiration Behind The Name

How did you arrive at that brand name? Does it have some significance? If you do, you should convey this to the graphic design team so that they develop the logo in light of that vital piece of information.


The Extent Of Your Products & Services

Just like you provide information to your client or customer regarding the range of your offerings, let your logo designer in on it as well. There’s no point keeping your products and services a secret. We could find some inspiration in it and translate it into your logo!


Provide A Listings Of Your Competitors

The market is no less than a battlefield. You know what you’re up against, and you better have good competitive advantage over them. Experts believe that a company’s logo is the defining element that, without any call-to-action, can convince customers into choosing you over substitute products or services. Make sure you inform your logo designer of your competition so that they develop something unique!


The Brand Image You Wish To Convey

What kind of emotions, feelings, and sentiments do you want to evoke within your customers? Are you a reliable brand that provides a list of functions? Or are you a friendly, caring brand that aims to resolve their problems? Decide on the personality you want to project, and let us know!


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