3 Reasons Why You Should Embed a Logo in Your QR Code

QR code is what’s lately buzzing in the marketing world. With the increased use of smart phones, marketers are now resorting to QR codes to give smartphone users direct access to their products and services.


The two-dimensional quick response (QR) access code is an easy and versatile tool that carries  important information about a product or service, which can be easily scanned and stored into a mobile device. Considering its increasing popularity, many businesses are now adopting this technique to attract new customers and deliver greater value to their existing clientele.


While the QR code has proven its success over the past few years, marketers can reap greater benefits by creating customized QR codes for their marketing campaign. If you have not yet embedded your logo in your QR code, have a look at few reasons why you should consider it.



1.Looks More Attractive

Custom design is the best way to add colors and branding power to your QR code. With an embedded logo, your QR code may ditch the standard black and white palette and get a more appealing look. By using multiple colors, you can add various colors without affecting its ability to be scanned.


As the only limitation of a QR code is that it requires a darker code color against a lighter background, you need to make sure that there is enough contrast in the image.



2.Better Brand Recall

The best way to enhance your brand recall is by consistently keeping your name out in the target market. With an embedded QR code, you can always be in the limelight.


When embedding your logo in the QR code, ensure its consistency with all other aspects of your marketing campaign, such as the color theme and the complexity of design. Although it is usually the most overlooked aspect, it can have a drastic impact on your overall campaign. Consistency is definitely what you should aim for, for promising brand recall and client retention.



3.Increased Brand Engagement

With an embedded QR code, your customers may form strong affinity and association with your brand which can add immense value to their experience. A better customer experience, and a stronger connection, may in no time translate into brand loyalty and customer retention.


So, if you have not yet developed a logo for your business, get it today!



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