3 Tips for Creating a Social Media Friendly Logo

By growing beyond marketing collaterals, business cards, and signage, logos have over time adopted a more comprehensive role than ever before. Businesses now value their logos as the face of their brand, both online and offline. In addition to brand recognition, well-designed logos can offer a business a host of tangible and intangible benefits.

Considering their effectiveness, marketers have adapted this core marketing element to serve a variety of platforms. One such platform is the social media that has transformed the world of digital marketing. By customizing their logos to make them more social-media friendly, businesses may not only benefit from the added exposure and visibility, but also achieve greater marketing goals by virtually penetrating into the target market.

Whether you are a logo designer or a business manager, it is important for you to understand the core principles for creating a social media friendly logo to get noticed online. Here are a few tips to help you create a social media friendly logo for your business.


1.Consider the Aspect Ratio

Most social media sites require you to compress an image into a square thumbnail. While your logo does not have to be square in shape, it should be able to convert into one. If the emblem does not have the right width or height, or lacks the quality to compress into a square icon, it may become unappealing and hence ineffective to achieve the desired objectives.


2.Separate Text and Graphics

To maintain the versatility of your brand image, opt for a logo that clearly separates the text and graphics. While tightly intertwined text and image may be unusable for various purposes, detached elements make a logo easy to use across various platforms. Moreover, with separate text and graphics, you can conveniently use a portion of your logo should it not fit into a particular frame.


3.Opt for a Simple Design

With millions of users, and thousands of brands on social media, it has become immensely difficult for companies to grab the attention of their target audiences and retain it. However, a simple and memorable image can help businesses get noticed, and simple logos are easy to retain and connect with.

Remember that if your logo is too intricate with overly detailed design, it be easily forgotten. Therefore, it is best to use simple, geometrical designs with two or three colours to make it stand out.

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