Behind Every Great Logo, There's An Even Better Story: What's Yours?

What are the signs of a great logo?


It inspires. It distinguishes. It expresses. More importantly, it is testament of a great story.


When we take a look at renowned companies today, we cannot help but notice a string of relevance between their culture and the logo. That’s because it is an extension of that very brand. And incorporating your story into your logo is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects; yet it is crucial. That’s why you have the best logo design company, Logo Nerds, to help you on your quest for that great logo. Here’s how you get there:


1.What’s Your Story?


This is the very piece of the jigsaw puzzle that will set in motion a dominoes effect to achieving your brand logo. Ask this of your business: Who are you? What events led to the inception of this business? Were there any lessons learnt? Values that became a life lesson?  Put it down on paper and get your colleagues and managers involved in discovering your story. Remember, this is only the first phase.


2.Involve Everyone: Seek Inspiration


Seek and you shall find. If you haven’t uncovered your company story yet, don’t worry, you’ll get there. Dig deeper, and bring on board the very people who were present at its inception. With the help of mind-mapping, develop a string of associations that inspires your people. What is meaningful for them? What do they think of the internal culture?


3.Refine. Revise.


Feel like you finally have something substantial? With the help of the process, you should have reaches a point where you have a written format of what your brand customs, identity, values and personality is. Now, is this how you want your customers to see you? When they think of your company, what feelings should it evoke? This is crucial because once set, it will become a brand culture.


4.It’s Time for Action


The best brand story is that which is effectively communicated. You need a professional logo design so that the design incorporates every aspect it. Once the logo with its story is developed it will do miracles to create a strong bond with your customers.


That’s the power of a logo! Get yours now! Check out our affordable logo design packages to get started.


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My God you people are amazing! I'm going to have to get some help on this...I can't decide because they're all so great. I'll let you know.

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