What's Your Color?

Logos tend to influence us at a very early age. A study conducted by the University of Amsterdam concluded that we begin to connect brand logos to products at an age as early at 2-3 years! It is by the age of 8 when the recognition becomes clearer, and we associate and match the brands to the right product. So how is it possible that young children who have just started to read and write have learnt to match logos and products?


The truth is that when we identify brands, it is the logo that we perceive! It’s more memorable. Its every aspect matters! The shape, size, typology, and finally, the color! Color. When you’re designing the logo, deciding on the right color could mean deciding the emotions you want your brand logo to evoke! It’s more than just a random choice. Let’s look into the significance of logo color!


The Battle Of The Consciousness

Marketers are always interested in observing the buying behavior of consumers; what is that single most defining aspect, or collection of determinants, that leads us to choose one brand over the other.


Research has revealed that ultimately, it all comes down to the subconscious mind. After an initial contemplation of about 90 seconds, they make a purchase decision. And between 62% and 90% is based on color! That’s how superior our subconscious mind is.  


As a top logo design company, we like to dig a little deeper into interpreting the significance of colors.


Understanding The Psychology Behind Color

The color of a logo adds to its recognition. The yellow rectangular shape in the National Geographic logo is a distinct factor that is unique and memorable. So, how do you actually pick out a color? It all comes down to what emotions you want to evoke.



Red is the color of blood and fire, and associated with high arousal, passion, active and aggressiveness. It could be used for products that are closer for impulse purchase and communicate a sense of urgency.



The sunny color has always been associated with happiness, joy, and intense pleasure. Take the example of our very own McDonald’s. This is ideal to grab attention and represent a sense of optimism.



This color has been associated with coolness of the sea and skies, and represents trust, security, and a more corporate feel.



Today, the color green has taken on a very strong emotional significance with its association with the environment, indicating sustainability and responsibility. For brands who want to instill the feeling of harmony, relaxation and peace, this is the best color to go for.


Connecting Personality To Color

The implication of color in logos is no doubt far-reaching and influential. Hence, for brand managers, this is an important strategic decision. However, as your custom logo design service provider, we go deeper into understanding your brand, and can make these decisions for you.


This branch of designing takes into account psychology, neuroscience and marketing all into one. And you need expert logo design services for that. Take a look at the companies that we’ve designed for. They love our work.


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