How Does Your Brand Affect Your Business?

Branding is a significant aspect of business. It is the visible side of your business that you need to glorify in order to represent your services, products, purpose and aim. A business should develop its brand from the business vision that they have or their archetype style, or just a refinement of their existing style into something more cohesive and refined.

A bare bones brand identity kit comprises of: logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope. Additionally, companies can have brochures, website and other marketing material that is crucial in building your brand identity and spreading your message far and wide.


If you haven't considered investing in professional corporate logo design, now would be the best time to do so. The expense of getting a logo design will pay for itself many times over with the passage of time. The logo plays a huge role in presenting your brand appropriately through marketing, advertising and general representation. If you want us to design a unique logo for your business, check our portfolio here today. Following are a few things that affect a business brand:


1. Purpose


The purpose is basically a logical snapshot of the things that you provide to the consumer market and the manner in which you do so.


2. Points of difference


Is there anything that makes you stand out among your competitors? A point of difference can vary from being merely a visual symbol to a story, a color scheme, a proprietary process, a product or service, niche, or even a combination of these. This is what you utilize to position your brand effectively to gain a competitive advantage.


3. Promise


This is essentially the emotional aspect of your business purpose. You goal is the promise that you are going to make to your customers. It should be something different because if you are promising only what others are promising then that doesn’t make your business stand out among your competitors.


Branding is basically your word that you give to your clients. Thus, it is something that permeates your business. It is not just the things that your clients can see but also what they can feel, like the attitude of your staff, the presentation and arrangement of services, and the overall experience of your clients with your company. Being clear about your brand will let you show a solid and sophisticated look, experience, and feel, to your customers.


Here at Logo Nerds, we offer other services besides logo design too, including website design, business card design, brochure and flyer design, etc.


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